Optimise your
working capital

Stimulate growth and improve profitability.

Safeguard your cash flow
by optimising your WCR

Do not tie up your cash company’s cash
in the purchasing cycle. Free up your cash assets for your
marketing and sales investments
to drive growth and create value.

When should you finance your WCR?

Working capital requirements vary
over time for different reasons.
Many internal and external factors
can have an impact on the assets
and liabilities of a company, notably:

• The accumulation of client receivables
• A change in turnover
• A variation in stock…

Therefore, company managers need
to anticipate these variations in available cash
in order to appreciate the level
of the WCR and find financing if necessary.

The advantages of a solution
that reduces working capital

that pools experience and expertise

An increase in cash
(increase in payment
due dates for suppliers)

An additional tool
to manage
cash flow

Access to a source
of additional

A solution that has
no impact on your
financial debt ratios

We provide solutions
for French companies

with strong growth and long supply-chain lead times






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