An additional purchasing
solution for SMEs

Optimise your growth

During periods of strong business, pressure
on cash flow can be an obstacle to your development. YouShop enables you to obtain additional financing for your outstanding purchases. Don’t refuse any more orders or miss any of your upcoming operations!

Outstanding purchases
Up to €500K

Outstandings of €50K to €500K

We can provide you with additional outstanding purchase credit for a period of between 30 and 90 days.

Eligibility criteria

This service is intended for SMEs with a turnover of between €3M and €30M. In order to respond quickly to your request, we need your last two balance sheets and a company registration certificate (French Kbis ).

Our added value
contributing to your development

Transparent costs

For each purchasing operation, we provide you with a quote
which clearly states the cost of our services.

Reasonable securities

We analyse your company’s situation to adapt the securities requested to your particular case. With us, there is no long list of guarantees that you need to get together. For your working capital requirements, we stick to the essentials.

A quick response to your request

We understand your need for responsiveness so that you can quickly answer your customers. We are committed to processing your outstanding purchase requests within 48 hours.

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